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Welcome to your escape room and game show options. We've modified each adventure ready to challenge and assess you. Which adventure will you choose?

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(60 mins)

The legends of old speak of a mighty hammer that fell from the sky. Forged by dwarves in the fires of Nidavellir, one swing commands roaring thunder. Finding it is difficult, but are you worthy enough to wield the mystical Mjolnir?

(3-8 Players)

Difficulty - (Medium) 

(60 mins)

Private detective Carter has recently come under investigation due to harboring of state secrets. The possessions in his briefcase are highly classified and must be retrieved at all costs. Code name: Hexahedron must not fall into enemy hands.

(3-7 Players)

Difficulty - (easy to medium)

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The Final Showdown:
Gameshow Experience

(60 mins) Not An Escape Room


(60 mins)

Ready to compete in your very own gameshow? Settle the age-old debate between friends by competing in a series of challenges. Who's smarter? Who's more nimble? 

(6 - 20 players)

Welcome back to the McFearson Funeral Parlor and Mortuary. Join us this time for a frightening venture into the unknown. Investigate the paranormal claims that have been reported for decades, and figure out what is happening to all the McFearson's. Be sure not to join them.

*Scary Game*

(3 - 8 players)

Difficulty - (medium to hard)

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